FOX Business Network will present new back-to-back episodes of the prime time reality program “Strange Inheritance” at 9 p.m. Monday. The series hosted by Jamie Colby chronicles the stories of inheritances of people across the country. The first half-hour episode is “Ma Barker Hideout.”

The home is located in Marion County. It was the scene of the infamous gun battle between FBI agents and Arizona “Ma” Barker and her son Fred on Jan. 16, 1935.

“Ma” Barker, then 61, was considered the nation’s No. 1 Public Enemy for running the Barker-Karpis gang, whose members were wanted for robbery, murder, kidnapping and other criminal acts.

The agents tracked the Barkers to the 2,016-square-foot home on the shores of Lake Weir, which they had rented in November 1934.

The house was usually used by the Bradford family as place to get away during the summer. The property and home were, until 2016, in the family for more than 100 years and remained largely unchanged since that day in 1935 when area residents woke up to the sound of submachine guns.

Carson Good, a representative of the family, in a previous Star-Banner story, described four weddings, three funerals and “a lot of joy” his family shared there. Of the Barkers, he said: “I guess everyone has bad renters.”

The 9 1/2-acre property was put up for auction in 2012 for a starting bid of $1 million. There were no takers.

The family sold the property for $750,000 in the summer of 2016. The home was not included in the sale. Marion County accepted it as a donation and the home was floated across Lake Weir on a barge in October 2016 to a new site at a county park. The county hopes to one day open it as a museum.

According to a news release from Fox Business News, “Carson Bradford never rented out his house on Lake Weir in the central Florida town of Ocklawaha. Then, in 1934, he got a surprisingly generous offer from a nice old lady up north named Mrs. Blackburn.”

“She and her sons said they wanted to get away from it all for the winter,” said Carson Good, Bradford’s great-grandson. “He said the house wasn’t for rent but then the amount of money kept going up and up.”

“Eventually, Bradford took the cash, figuring what could go wrong? Plenty. Two months into his tenant’s stay, the Bradford house got riddled with bullets in the longest shootout in FBI history,” the release notes.

Good will tell the story in the episode airing Monday night. Viewers will need to check their provider schedule to find the channel.


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